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Hi!- Happy 4th of July.  As a dietitian and cook, I thought I would showcase an interesting way to get fruit into the diet while grillin’ the burgers and the corn.


In the grocery store you see these brown mahogany colored fruits usually bruised from so much handling  and walk right by. Don’t be afraid of figs!  It’s a great little package of fiber and vitamins and minerals. High in potassium, manganese, vitamin B-6 and pantothenic acid, low in calories at 30 kcals per fig, this is another fruit which is great with lettuces. On a hot day, try grilling them.

Slice in half  brush with olive oil and sprinkle just a pinch of sugar, place cut side down on the grill.   Figs have a  fragrant sugary aroma. You may have seen these in the produce section and don’t know what to do with them. Now you know! Coupled with greens and a splash of balsamic vinegar or one of the Briannas’ salad dressings featured today polishes it off. Try celery or fennel which are good with fruits.  Radicchio is that bitter red and white colored  pricey lettuce, but with grilled fruits, a little goes a long way-a good combo.

Add some feta, walnuts and spinach to your grilled fig platter.



Try: Apricots and figs with your greens for a sweet dose of good nutrients. And of course we cant forget the salad dressings! Today we feature the Briannas Salad Dressing . Why this dressing? low in added sugar. They have honey as the 2nd or  3rd ingredient. 2 tablespoon serving is around 150 kcals.

Eating grilled fruit  allows all the flavors and heightened sweetness to come through.  Its great for picky eaters too! Anything grilled tastes better!


Grill plums, apricots and add some radicchio and a  few raspberries to the salad with chopped fennel and red onion.