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Even though I write on nutrition and food in my blog, I still consider wine as an integral part of enjoying good food. Those polyphenols from red wine are filled with antioxidants. Cooking with wine adds a dimension to dishes of course and pairing it with foods can be a perfect tango.

I chose wine with chocolate even though chocolate usually works well with coffee and found that a Cabernet mix with some Merlot, dry but light and fruity can compliment chocolate  greater than 72% cocoa. In this blog I feature a red Bordeaux from a  house that I have become a fan of,  Les Portes de Bordeaux and one of my favorite picks for chocolate, Green & Black organic 85%.

Red wine contains Resveratrol  an antioxidant found in vine plants, including grape skins of Malbec and Pinot Noir.  Chocolate contains polyphenols.  So a polyphenol pairing of chocolate and wine can have a healthy benefit!

In the previous blog, I used this chocolate in the bark.  Super smooth with a great hint of sweetness, this chocolate with low dietary sugar matches this wine perfectly.