Enjoy fresh and simple dishes from a New England heritage with a Registered Dietitian, caterer and professional cook. Dee’s cookbook re ects ingredients from seasonal harvests and a well stocked pantry. Learn to cook a seafood mussel stew, pork chops in a pan mustard sauce or a pasta salad with goat cheese, herbs and salami. Try a cranberry crisp or gingerbread cake for dessert…the possibilities are endless. e pantry is your link to a day of meals. Whether cooking for Sunday supper, a work day or holiday meals, you’ll find a recipe to suit any occasion.

Connecticut’s bountiful food resources along with its rich agricultural heritage is reflected in many towns where there are established farm markets, vegetable and fruit stands, orchards and easy access to fresh caught seafood.

Dee Krupnick is a Dietitian & Food Blogger online at RDGroceryGuru, and writes on healthy supermarket products. A Connecticut Kitchen puts your pantry and farm fresh produce into great recipes.