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We are in grilling season and corn is inevitably on the grill. I have two favorite summertime foods: key lime pie and corn. I like my corn with pink peppercorns and butter slathered on the corn and covered with the husks, another cover of foil and roasted on the grill for 45 minutes.

We also have that word..GMO to  think about when buying corn. Read about the myths of avoiding corn. This article says it all. Not all corn is genetically modified, and as a  gluten free starchy vegetable, it does provide 110 calories per ear without butter. Corn has thiamine, riboflavin, folic acid, magnesium and phosphorus with a glycemic index of only 56 . Not bad for a nutrition packed food. A slice of white bread is a GI of 100 for raising blood sugars.

So Happy 4th and enjoy your corn.