About Me

Dorothy Krupnick

dorothyRDN is a designation from the CDR (commission on the dietetic registration) within the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  It  means dietitian/nutritionist. Not all nutritionists are dietitians but all dietitians are nutritionists. Dietitians complete an academic program in nutrition and food sciences and clinical training as an intern in the hospital and skilled nursing facilities as well as community nutrition rotations. I worked with patients from all walks of life with many chronic
diseases, from diabetes with renal issues, cancer, weight management to low fat diets.

So here is where my blog comes in. It all started with owning my retail and catering business in NYC for 10 years, 22nd St. Gourmet. Trained professionally as a cook to learn how to slice and dice without cutting myself and developing a real appreciation for chefs! Years later, I enrolled in a Master’s program and became an RDN. Love to teach people about nutrition and prepare meals that are inexpensive and balanced. There is no secret – yes you must cook, but it pays off in health dividends. This is one of the few activities we really have control over.

My mantra is food must taste good and look good in order to enjoy it. This really applies to any therapeutic diet we may have to follow.  Using portion control, choosing the right carbohydrate (yes there are starchy and non- starchy) and eating balanced are the keys.   So have the dessert, but eat wisely!

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