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We are in Apple heaven now, October and November and pies are all around  us.  Dietitians and nutritionists promote the apple as a super food with a lot of great nutrients in every bite. Fiber stays the same, enduring baking and roasting.  I brought 6 lbs of apples in my luggage back from Connecticut and  used Macouns and Cortlands, but any type will do. So what do they taste like roasted? Real apple taste and crispy like well bacon ?

When we bake a pie, lots of the real good stuff gets left the peels! They contain both soluble and insoluble fiber and a antioxidant called triterpenoids, which kills cancer cells  in the colon and the breast. We just throw the peels into the garbage BUT the peel has it all. So try  Crispy Apple Peel or as I call it Apple Bacon lol…with a dusting of cinnamon, regular or coconut sugar.  For diabetics, the peel has fiber and you can just coat the peels with a little powered stevia and bake.


2 apples of any kind, peels only  (except Granny Smith)

dash of cinnamon

1 teaspoon of sugar

Cut peels into 3 inches long pieces add to a mixing bowl  with a dash of cinnamon and sugar. Mix to coat and place on a parchment covered cookie sheet.  Bake at 275 degrees for 30-40 minutes until crispy and dry. Cool and store in airtight container.




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